Thursday, May 10, 2012

With Age Comes Diane Ogden

That title came from someone else.  Actually a High School face book friend. 
We were discussing High School and were recalling certain negative factors regarding such.  That being said.... We continued discussing onto class reunions.  Then Parents of High School acquaintances...... That is when face book came into the conversation.  Many of us have reunited with High School classmates on Face book. Heck some of us found our first love from grade school. Mwah being one.  How fun and silly.  Back to "With Age Comes Equality!"  Actually that's it.  "With age comes equality!"  How true is that. Wait, I am not so sure I feel equal or that some of them are equal to me.  Seriously.  Let's get on the get real wagon here.  Some of them are smarter than I am.  I am smarter than some of them.  Some are richer, some are poorer, some are more open, some are more closed.  Some are arsholes and some are saints.
"Ain't that the way the world turns?"  Some fatter, some thinner, some taller, some shorter, some own an RV and some don't.  Some watch birds, some are stock brokers.  Yet comes the day when "most"  of us reach a time when we respect the birdwatchers, the brokers, the retired from whatever, the dead, the saints, and the arsholes.  As long as the arsholes evolved that is.  I have certainly met at least one I deleted from good "old equality face book!"  Then there is politics.  Don't even go there. That is one place where Age does not equal equality. Therefore we wont go there!   Oops gotta go, the Mentalist is on...  Just know that the older you get the wiser you are and the more forgiving. If not "go away" you arshole cause you aren't here to offer one darn thing. Sorta kidding. Wait, I just realized what it is.  It's WRINKLES!  Yup, wrinkles seem to bring all classes of folk together.  Wrinkles are what help most evolve if they hadn't already.  You see, rich people, poor, mean people, fat or thin, no matter the profession, wrinkles speak louder than the brain waves.  Imagine that? Wrinkles are the answer.  For once they equal something good! So until next time, Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy, and Get Rich for your next class reunion or face lift so you can escape evolving.
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