Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Visit From the Diane Ogden

I was standing in my kitchen when simultaneously three things occurred.  My 6 lb. dog stood on her hind legs scratching at my leg which is always a sign she is frightened and means, please pick me up! The cat was making chirping sounds, and I could hear a faint yet vigorous flapping sound above my head.  I looked up and there was a frantic large beautiful brown and orange butterfly in my kitchen thinking the florescent light was its way to freedom.  I quickly shut of the light, closed all doors to other lights, closed the blinds and opened the apartment portable screen door from Carol Wright Gifts (you know that cheap catalog that comes in the mail with all sorts of weird gadgets).  It is very strange how Mr. Butte R Fly got in, in the first place.  I had the screen propped open at the bottom about 12 inches for the cats to come and go.  (It a flexible screen door)  Mr. Butte R Fly had to swoop down very very low to even get in. 
After closing all other light sources off,  he flew directly toward the light of the door but not without interruption.  Devil cat "LuLuBelle" was close on his tail!  He made it to the mini blinds and somehow got behind them with Devil cat in pursuit all the time I am thinking I will be purchasing a new 7 foot metal mini blind.  And I thought I might be finding the frail Lil carcass of Mr. Butte R Fly on the floor.  Devil cat gave up.  I slowly meandered toward what I figured would be a death scene but no death anywhere.  The pretty fellow made it back out into the light and life he was born into. 
I thought about what had just happened and wrote my mentor friend to tell her how strange it seemed to me.  I have never had a butterfly come into my home ever.  She emailed me back with one simple line....  "I bet it was George!"   I have to tell you I totally freaked out.  You see George was her husband and he passed away a few weeks ago.  He had a terrible cancer and when the pain got so bad God sent him a dream where he placed George in a peaceful cocoon.  George would tell his wife there was no pain in the cocoon. George would lay curled up dying in his God induced cocoon of peace for a couple weeks more before he got to go home to the light. 
Yup, that was George in my kitchen saying good bye and giving me a large dose of advice.  He told me thru Mr. Butte R. Fly that I need to get back out and live life.  That it may not be an easy road and there may be devil cats that try to chase me and kill me but I will be fine just like he was..... He showed me all I have to do it do it.   Walk it like he flew in and flew back out dodging trouble on his way.   Sometimes troubles abound in our lives and we need a sign.  I sure got a dandy one and I feel privileged God allowed George to make a giant dangerous pit stop to give me such an uplifting sign and message.  I must be important!  My friend told me she sure hoped devil cat didn't kill George because she suspects he has a few more pit stops before he's finished.
Believe this or not its the truth.  Last week my daughter saw Aunt Birdie at the window!   She died a bit back.   Be Well, Be Happy, Be Safe and doggone-it Get Rich for whatever reason you chose.  Okay so the Berdie thing was a joke......  or was it?
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