Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Hot Guy Passed Me By! Diane Ogden

This may be a rerun but it happened today and it was so funny I laughed at myself!  I was leaving a clients home close to lunchtime heading for the next client when this hotjogger rounded the counter, (ha I wish I had him on a counter) I meant corner.  He was almost naked, unlike the one in the photo I stole from google images online from..........
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Back to the almost naked hot jogger.  He came around the corner, and I about dropped the greasy Frito I was stuffing into my mouth along with a large bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Pictuer that 8 x 10 black and white glossy of the stuffing face as I simultaneously drive past him in the old Buick with my hair skinned back in a ponytail.  Don't say tail at that moment!  I am of the age, the only way I'll ever "get/receive/have" a hot man body like that.......I'll have to pay big bucks for it!  Then I'd have to buy a full body SPANX suit and a pair of scissors.  Use your imagination, or not. 
I have not read 50 Shades of Grey/Gray, but I suspect she stole it from my mind.  Excuses, excuses.
It's okay, I'm over it, it only stayed in my brain a few minutes.  Anyway, I have four sons around that age and that just ain't normal so......  forget I said anything.  The Happy News is that it brought to my mind a few good old memories.  You know, back seats, under trees in a park, on a boat, kitchen table, bathroom counter, elevator, just kidding on the elevator one, in the pool, in a tent, a semi, (sorry I lost a bet once) top of the dryer, while doing dishes, in a motel, and once or a hundred times a thousand hundred, at home.  So the hot jogger "done" a good deed.  I still love the Ford Man, Mike Rowe!  If he came jogging around the corner I would offer him some Frito's!  Until the next tawdry tale Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Well, and get rich so you can buy a new SUV, get a face lift, butt lift, boob job, or just buy SPANX and some scissors.  Crude  huh?   Guess my mind just took off to places it hadn't visited for some time.  I'll get back to normal unless two hot half naked joggers pass me tomorrow.  Don't even go there! 
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