Friday, May 4, 2012

The Lil Diane Ogden

And this is the history of the HAIRPIECE!  I have had the thingy sitting on the keyboard for its photo shoot for twenty some years.  Of course I wash it, at least twice.  Why do I keep it?  Because it adds a tad bit of height to my crown.  No that is not a joke.. (The crown comes in the nurse home) I don't mean princess crown type duh.  I mean I wasn't born with a perfect shaped head. Sooo the little doo da day piece gives my head shape balance. Who cares? Mwah does.  I rec'd an email from my hairdresser asking me how the hairs was doin'?  That be because he colors it and it fades.  Turns out because I used some cheap shampoo which made the color fade....  So he GAVE me FREE some less fade color shampoo.  It did work 90% better.   In fact it faded just to the exact point that I could finally pull out my lil old piece and ponytail the rest. Whalla.....not that it took my look back twenty years of course.... only in the movies and airbrushing!  But it did make me feel better.  I think I need a wake up call.  It's over rover.   S H U T U P!  I am fine with my life changes.  Just wait til I take my lil old piece into my next hair appt.  He will freak out...or not.  I know he will.  Come on, a twenty year old hair piece!  Don't gasp I have some shirts with shoulder pads from the 80's.....their b a a a c c k k!  And they are stunning with their raggy look.  Okay, I  have nice dress ups too. I was looking at those two pics...humm I think my nose grew.
I tell you, until tomorrow, Be Well, Be Happy, Be Safe, and get rich so you can have a face lift and extension's.....or ??  Whatever your heart desires.  And if your a guy man and you actually read this....dont could need a hairpiece too one day. Mine is for shaping, yours would be for real.
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