Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hilary Clinton Look Alike.........by Diane Ogden

So the lighting wasn't the best.  The glasses weren't quite right.  The cheeks weren't puffy enough, but my Hilary Clinton look alike makeover wasn't too bad and was spontaneously fun after watching her on national news tonight. 
Here's the deal.  I actually like her and believe her heart is in all she does.  I also see and hear that she is tired just like us normal not as rich or famous folks.  I also see she has reached an age where she doesn't care and has stated so on national TV, how she looks every day.  She said if she feels like pulling her hair back she will and so on.  See, I agree.  Not that its that attractive, but rather it works.
Sooo, guess what?  I posted this silly picture of my "Hilary Lookalike" on facebook.  Some may hiss, some may hack, some  may say hooey, some may honk if you like it, some may NOT, some might say HOT!  But I think it's funny so I did it.  Fun is funny. And if I don't lay off the food wagon I will really be able to post a lookalike.   Just glad I don't have to deal with China like she does. I only deal with China at Wal Mart, or as a friend of mine calls it, "Hells Gates!"  Bless her for all she has given for most of her life. Not China, Hilary! I am making fun of her while I make fun of myself.  After all, I am her and she is me because, we look alike JEEZ!  Not really, I just plastered my hair down and found an old pair of glasses and some RED lipstick HELLO mo jo.  Then I took a shower to get all the grease out so it puffed a little bit anyway.  Maybe I should write her and give her some shampooing advice.  Actually that is what probably prompted the TV comments.....as she stated.  So leave her alone. And I will too. And until I find something else happy or funny,  Be Safe, Be Happy, Be Well, and Get Rich so you can get your hair shampooed on command and have a cook like OPRAH, well maybe not....so you can stay in shape while saving the world which we all have a part in.  Nite 
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