Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Fool Moon" People Diane Ogden

I left the house all the while forgetting today was a "Fool Moon" day and night.  "Fool Moon" nights bring  strange beings such as Wal Mart People will be sucked out from under all the Wal Mart rocks of America and beyond.  Close to zombievilleism. Stay home!  If not you will see things you never thought you were born to see.  I am not talking about people that show plumber butt when they bend over, nope, I am discussing the one that expose their entire butt. I am not talking about the average hick person, rather the 75 year old woman who does the terrible tans and baring her saggin abs at the grocery story. And I am not discussing the other odd folks with breasts and low baggies, rather the ones exposing their colostomy bags.  Oh yeah! You will say to yourself, oh my dear God what was that? Really, what was that??  Whatever that was it resembled road kill. That's the kind of night this is...Where are the crows, the buzzards??  Dinner awaits. Its safe only to stay at home and clean or watch TV until its over.  Until they all go back under their rocks.  As you can see from the photos I borrowed from the

 Soooo....until tomorrow Be Safe, Be Happy, Be Well, and stay home until this passes....
  Oh come on, one more for the road. This one from
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