Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daring the Devil..........by Diane Ogden

I joined "face book" over a year ago.  It has never caused me to lose any sleep until now.  No it wasn't bullying, or anything like that. 
I came home from work yesterday, took the dog out, turned the TV on, sat down at my laptop, checked my emails, checked the news, checked face book and what faced me square in the face was a photo of one of my children sitting on a ledge 2,300 feet above a river looking straight down!   At first I didn't 'get' it.  I viewed it and re-posted it on my page with a silly saying to go with it.  Then I got to thinking about it.  (Don't do that by the way! Sit on a tiny ledge with a 2,300 foot drop off to a river if that even matters) Why would a person, any person, and of course especially my child, a grown man-boy, do such a thing?  Does he not care if he should die?   Or does he live in a world of fantasy thinking?  Thinking nothing he is invincible.  He is 34 years old.  Do people age 34 still think they are invincible.  I know we all rarely believe we will ever have cancer or such. But a visible 2,300 foot drop is quite visible.
Race car drivers drive the track at amazingly high speeds yet they cannot see a crash or a burning car so they carry on.  But a visible 2,300 foot drop.  Guess he didn't or couldn't see a fall.  Humm.  Smart? or not.  Is that it?  It wont happen if you cant see it?  It wont happen if your don't believe it will?   My friend just passed away and he was positive he would be healed and not pass away/die!  But he did.
I woke up at 3:30 this morning and could not go back to sleep.  Why?  Because my child sat on that tiny ledge "daring the devil" to kill him.  Or was he "going with the gods" to protect him?  My friend says the happiest people take the biggest chances....ya think?
Now I know where the term "I dare you" came from.....had to be satan.  And if you dare the devil he could win no matter what you believe.  Accidents happen, KARMA could show up, your guardian angel could be on break....therefore I suggest you don't dare the devil in such a manner.  P L E A S E! So until I find some happier news for you, Be SAFE, Be Well, Be Happy, and Get rich so you can afford a psychiatrist.
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