Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Beginning and The End and The Beginning Diane Ogden you all know I have a little tiny business with wonderful clients I talk about on occasion.  Carefully of course.  Yesterday my helper QUIT!  Effing QUIT in the middle of the week after working for me a year and half at least.  (I didn't go look up how long)   I think and believe it was the effing year and a half.  Soooo, I went home yesterday and attempted to be calm which did not worksowell.  Then I had a drink or two and went to bed after I posted an ad on the infamous nasty Craig guy lister.  That didn't turn out so well as I awoke at 3 ish, and remained up until now:  8:45pm watching American Idol singers "Screaming" not be the finale so I guess screaming is acceptable there ....notsomuchheredoi!  Okay back to point.  I posted an ad on Crazy Craig's List where people get killed when they meet up... hey what the hell choice did I have?  I suppose a headhunter, but they charge my yearly wages before worker pay out, so Craig it were.  And by God I hired the first person that sent a reasonable ref.  Then I took to eating everything in sight for twelve hours or so.  I started at 4:30 a.m. with coffee and chili (no shit with beans) and just quit at 9:30 p.m.  I haven't stress eaten for years. Then I took the dog out more than once, thank god or someone .....then I started to drink.  That would be up to now meaning the present.  I WILL sleep or die and the WILL is in a drawer somewhere.....not under the under ware.  Nope that's where the money is honnie. Hopefully my head can outlive my heart this round cause its been a dandy.  So tomorrow is training.  I am so excited I could pretend I am as successful as that Lil 16 year old on American Idol who could WIN!!  Although Phillip Phillips will win.  Whichever.  Be Happy, Be Well, Be Safe, And get rich so you don't have to stress eat or drink and can relax the beans in the chili. Oh my god I hope those beans don't hit tomorrow during training!  I have Gax X on hand!!  Nite
Phillip Phillips Won....  He will be rich and can eat all the beans he wants now.  And the best part is Steven Tyler hugged him.  (I didnt like Steven's rock singing. He needs to slow her down some like Rod Stewey did.  LOL  nite

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