Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zinzer Primer for Porch in Progress Diane Ogden

Every year I join a contest at my complex whereas we all make our porches nice and spend at least $200 to win $50.00!  How dumb is that?  But I have a creative bug that loves any sort of creative challenge.  Sooo this is the beginning of this years summer porch.  We also have Christmas contest.   Okay so I decided to paint the old nasty grey brown shelves white to match the white table.  Also painting the nasty old melon colored chair white.  Going with the theme of Red, Yellow, and Blue.  The indoor outdoor rug is blue.  It will all come together, it always does. 
BUT....did ya notice the horseshoe?  It came with the shelf and I never knew  it is supposed to be upside down.  My mother stopped by and told me all my blessings and good luck were falling out, getting dumped out of the horseshoe because it was in "pour out" state!   OMG, all these years all my good stuff was getting dumped out into the Universe.  Well as soon as I find my hammer and pound my horseshoe upside down, I will be getting good stuff every day from now on.  You'll see.  And the porch will be stunning as soon as it warms up enough to work out there.  I know I owe you all Lifepath 3, The Communicator.  Hopefully tomorrow. Til then Happy Easter, Be Safe, Be Happy, Be Well, and gosh darnit get rich!  You will if you keep your horseshoe upside down so it can catch all the good sent your way.  Maybe I'll set a bucket out to catch some good also. Might be a stretch huh? I really am smarter than a fifth grader but I do enjoy some superstitions like horseshoes catching good for me.  Why not! I do not believe if my nose itches someone is talking about me, or if a bird flies in my house someone I know will die. No way!   I have a mirror to ward those bad spirits away.  LOL just kidding.  I will post a finished porch later.
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