Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Twins Want Sushi! Diane Ogden

Okay so I know Easter is over.  I know all the folks that passed (died) got resurrected because Jesus did and the "rock and rolled" away supernaturally and whats her name saw him in the garden. See I know my history. And I know my Grands didn't get their GrandEaster gifts until today.  So what! Long as it happened I say.  And it happened let me say.  The twins arrived after their soccer game.  They pulled off their socks while telling me they hadn't washed their socks in two games.  eeew. The cat wouldn't even deal with them when they put their foot near her face.  Then onto Easter gifts.  Walgreen's collage thank you cards. (One twin said, " Sorry Nana but I thought it would be more awesome."  I reminded her of how she dislikes writing out thank you notes...and how  I saved her from said life requirement!    And the 75% off chocolate bunny and the skittles and bubble gum. Then came the hungry mode.. Then one year older sister got dropped off. Then the tear the house up mode.  Then the fighting mode. Then the I'm bored mode.  Then Disney channel mode.  God I hate Disney channel.  But I deal.  Then parents came and all piled back in the truck to leave.  Then phone rang.  Twins bummed.  Don't want to leave.  Are you tired Nana? "Now come on, am I going to say YES I AM TIRED DUH.  I am old...and my helpers mother died so I had to do double duty and will have to for another week, and and and.....SURE THEY CAN STAY."   And it begins again. Hungry mode to tear up the house mode, to fighting mode, to "Do you have any extra toothbrushes, cause we haven't brushed since day before yesterday."   I then showed them how to use paper towels for toothbrushes.  They actually told me it worked!  Ya I know. So does corn cobs in outhouses or sears catalog wipes.  Forgot to tell you we did the storeroom run for the queen size blow up mattress.  Discovered it was in apt in closet.  Oh, and they told me how one of them kissed a boy on the lips!  Jeez.....and oh, don't tell mom or dad.  Ten years old.  No problem, Grandma's don't tell.  What can a little kiss at ten hurt.  S H U T U P!  Don't wanna go there. 
Some day they wont want to come here because of those I will take my time gratefully just like my Grannie did.  She was my bud. Never told on me. I miss her even tho she did smell like cheese.  LOL  Hey she made butter from milk back in the old days... so I think that was the cause of the smell.  I don't care what caused it, I loved her and every now and then when I smell that cheesy smell I know she is near.  Hey it ain't a tuna smell so take that to the grave thank god! This is when they crawl outta bed and say, "Nana, will you drive us to a sushi bar, there should be one close by right?" OMG! Til next time when I know I know I owe you Lifepath ONE..  Be well, Be safe, and Be Happy, and oh yeah, get Rich. 

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