Sunday, April 29, 2012

Olay's Monkey Facial Hair Diane Ogden

Okay so sometimes I get a little dramatic!  I have a little peach fuzz so I picked up the Olay hair removal kit and let it sit on my bathroom counter for a month or two scared of it.   Today something pushed me to use it whereas I discovered I should be scared of it.  I put the balm on to protect my skin like it said. Then I put the white creme on.  The creme that MELTS HAIR!  OMG it melts hair.  And of course the photo of me is a facial mask, not hair melting creme.  That would really be drama huh? Well I am finished and it worked pretty good.  I find I actually like the balm best. Made my skin all soft. Or maybe it was the monkey  hair that came off on the wash cloth (LOL, not) that made my skin so smooth and hairy-less. 
I will say that crap smelled like the old AMMONIA permanents we got as kids.  Its gotta be bad for a person.  That monkey hair better not grow back very fast because I wont be putting that Oven Cleaner stuff on my skin too terribly many more times in me life!  And I don't wear a bikini anymore nor do I have a man/friend so I wont be putting the dreadful melting lotion anywhere near my "kitty."  And if and when I decide to go to the neighborhood bar and pic up a fellow, which isn't likely to happen, I will spread on the magic monkey hair removal creme everywhere.  Until then, I am happy.  And I wish you the same.  Be Happy, Be Well, Be Safe, and wear something pretty sometimes so you feel rich.  
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