Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lifepath 2.... Numerology by Diane Ogden

First of all that is my dog! She hates conflict too. And the handsome man is my son who has a Lifepath 2.  To find out your lifepath number and the energies you carry with you all your life... add the month, day, and year you were born.                   
September 21, 1978        9 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 11 = 2                        
God gave you the day you were born!  Well, unless some doctor decided to induce you early for whatever I hope Godly reason.  And your parents gave you your name so you can blame them if you've had a hell of a life.  Actually all you have to do is change your name.  Or change one letter of it! 
If you are married to a 2 lifepath just know that person needs to know they are loved.  They are mediators. They do not like conflict and are sensitive!
The following information is learned from Glynis Has Your Number book than can be ordered online at her website with the same name.  She is amazing at explaining numerology in a very understanding
and fun manner. 

Lifepath 2 Vibration:
The Mediator
This person is someone who is seeking harmony in life.  They do not want conflict.  Music has an especially soothing effect on them.  They are easy going.  They look for love.  If you want someone who is affectionate, you should seek a 2 lifepath number because they do like hugs and kisses.  Unless all their other numbers are moving them away from it, it's their natural way.
They are mediators and dislike conflict and will do whatever it takes to avoid it. If there are two people in their lives are fighting, they'll try to fix it.  2's tend to be psychic.  They have dreams that tend to come true.  They also experience deja vu.  It's never a problem for them to follow; they don't have to be a leader. Because of their natural psychic ability, they tend to be good at astrology, Numerology, tarot reading, tea leaf reading, the I Ching.  They also are good at counseling and social work.  They have tremendous compassion for people, and 2's don't like to be alone.  They crave unconditional love, and make great parents, who tend to be friends to their children.
2's don't need the spotlight. They'll do the job.  As a matter of fact, they are the type of number that would donate to a charity in secret.  They would just do it out of the kindness of their heart. 2's need to bring people together and they're the one's to see when looking for anything from a dentist to a carpenter.  They know everyone and love to help them out.  The only time a 2 gets angry is if they feel pushed or threatened.  Otherwise they are easy going.  If you look in their eyes, you can just see what good people they are.  That's just where they come from.  The flip side of a 2 is that very so often you might meet a 2 who feels they do everything for everybody and they feel drained.  Yet if you know them personally, you may feel they are giving themselves too much credit.
So simply, if you look at a number (and I tend to go towards the positive of who they are), there are two sides -- the positive and the negative.  I still think it's important, when it comes to a 2, to keep in mind that they are here to love others and to be loved in return.  If you work with them, they will definitely come through for you.  2's have to be careful not to take on the problems of the people they  love.  My (Glynis McCants) analogy for the 2 is that if they saw someone in a well, and the person said, "Help me," the 2 would jump in and ask, "What's wrong?" only to look up and say, "Oh God now we're both in here."
So it's important for the 2 to have passionate empathy but to stand back and say, "Okay I'm sorry that happened, but it's your problem.  I'll help as best I can but I'm not going to get in it with you." 2's have to be careful not to place themselves at another's disposal because eventually they will get angry and resentful.  2's often worry what others think of them.  Of course, you have to stop and say, "What people think of me is none of my business." 2's have to let these criticisms be like water off a duck's back.  It's important that the 2 keeps  peace, but not at the cost of their sanity.
When a situation gets too extreme -- and the 2 is surrounded by emotional vampires, who are taking all their energy - It's OK to just walk away.  Otherwise, what you don't deal with mentally will eventually attack you physically, and that's why 2's can wind up with physical problems.
2 vibrations, although they do tend to be peacemakers and seek harmony, when they feel threatened or pushed to the wall and get upset, it is like a volcano erupting.

Famous people with Lifepath 2:   Information gathered from www.tokenrock.com 

Al Gore *
Barack Obama *
Bill Clinton *
Bob Hope
Colin Powell *
Jackie Kennedy *
Jennifer Aniston
Meg Ryan
Michael Jordan *
Prince Charles *
Richard Burton
Robert Monroe *
Ronald Reagan *
Rose Kennedy *
Rush Limbaugh *
Terri Irwin *
Tim McGraw *

All good happy news!  So until next time, Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Well, and by God or a good idea, "Get Rich!"  


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