Monday, April 2, 2012

Good Lucky Day! Diane Ogden

See that twenty dollar bill!  I found that today!  I found that at Target after I paid my bill of $23.40 I was walking out and there it was on the floor at the going out door.  I did not flinch, rather I bent down and scarfed that twenty into my wanting hand and moved on out before anyone could say, "Stop, that was my  money!"  I even envisioned people chasing me for it.  Why did I feel guilty for finding a treasure like a twenty dollar bill?  Maybe because as I bent down to pic it up a guy in one of those scooter invalid motorized wheelchair dealies was going in the opposite direction.  Oh My God!  All I could think of was that the motor scooter dude might have dropped it.  So...should I have chased him down and asked him if he dropped it so he could say yes or no. And would he lie?  People on scooters don't lie! Should I have followed him like a private eye all the way to the checkout and watch to see if he is shocked when he goes to pay and has no money?  Hey it couldn't have been his...he was going the opposite direction. It was obviously someone in the parking lot that just walked out.  No way was I going to chase down strangers to give up my honestly found lucky twenty!  My bacon wrapped scallops I had for dinner were FREE thanks to that lucky twenty.  So....that being said, Be Well, Be Happy, Be Safe, and Be Rich like me....  Did I say I found a twenty today?
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