Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th! Diane Ogden

I do not believe this day is bad luck!  Because it adds up to 4!!    Four isn't bad luck at all.   It's all in your head!!
Until today that is.   Today was Friday the 13th minus Chuckie.   And it started at one o'clock this morning and it tried to kill me all day.  I only have a few hours left to attempt to survive what must be Chuckie's brothers day.  I awoke at 3 a.m. from a very vivid nightmare.  The authorities had come for me to take me away.  I hoped it wasn't jail, but that is what I thought when I came back to life.  Then I laid there for a long time, went back to sleep, woke up at 4:30 a.m. from another bad dream.  What did I eat?  (cake)
My son picked me up at 7:30 a.m. to go pick up my daughters stalled car at the grocer store so I could bring it back home. While I am waiting in entrance area a man walking his dog allowed said dog to jump up on my clean black pants. When I got to grocer store lot, I had to go thru a ritual to get it started because GM sucks on 2001 Impala's ignition passlock passkey security issue.  The little computer inside it is confused.  So I had to:
- open door and leave it open
- put key in wait for chime
- count to 3
- turn key to on wait 5 seconds
- turn key to acc wait for security lites on dash to stop and chime to stop
- turn key all the way
Car should start every time.
It's been sitting there for two days.  I asked an acquaintance if she would ride with me to go get it and drive my car back.  We are talking 3 miles.  She text's me saying, "Don't you have any friends or family that can help you?  What about your daughter? (Duh her car is at grocer store park lot not starting)  I am swamped." 
Was I offended.  Oh Yeah.  You see last year when she lost her job and her man, I along with many others took care of her until she got her feet back on solid ground.  Guess she forgot huh?  Or maybe its just the Friday the 13th Chuckie chit thing going on. Not that I expect tit for tat.  Nope. 
Oh I forgot, I put an order in at Walgreens for some photos I found online to be printed.  My Granddaughter loves to make things out of cool photos.  So I got some Barbie and Cars and Winnie the Poo.  Walgreens calls me and says they made a judgement call that I was illegally ordering Disney photos.  OMG!!  SHUT UP, like I going to sell them not!  Although I understood I was somewhat upset.  You see Edwardo always prints me some pics for the young Granddaughters to do crafts with.  But not Paul, nope Paul made a judgement call. Paul being of youth and obviously by the book. Maybe that is why I had the nightmare the authorities had come to pic me up and take me away.  Betcha.  Stealing Disney pics m'bad.
Then to the first clients home.... after I dropped off my library books that were due today.
On my way Mother called to tell me the usual.  "Your Father is sooo annoying and we need more money."   She must forget she tells me this every day.  It is such good news dontchaknow? She has enough money for a new Buick, new barn windows, and new grainery windows. I should have so much $.
Then to next client where the new PUPPY that weighs 85 pounds and is a Newfoundland just wont keep his large nose out of my buttocks area.  Jeez its like he thinks its his home because he keeps coming back and nosing on in.  Come to think of it, he's a she!  Sshheesshh. 
Called tax service to see how to do an extension.
Got home to wet carpet from being shampooed earlier in the day, and trapped animals in bedroom.
Boy were they happy to be freed.
And I missed my soap at second clients house because they all came home for lunch.  Have to catch it tonight. I don't have enough drama in my life, I need a soap to top it off like the cherry on top of the sundae.  
Not to mention there was a full moon this week and I saw people I am sure will venture back under the rock they came out from.  I swear there were Wal Mart people everywhere this week.   So what 's the good news?  The old Buick mother with no money gave me is still running and the Impala started and is back home.  The carpet is clean. The extension is completed.  And I plan to sleep tonight no matter what.  If there's an earthquake I will simply take my pillow and blankie outside.
Until next time Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy, and by crackie Get Rich.  We're not a third world country just yet.  The only thing missing is the flasher I have been waiting for.  No luck there either.
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