Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elvis is Possessed! Diane Ogden

I have a client.  No not Elvis and no I am not nutz.  I have a client who owns this possessed bust of Elvis.  It sits at the bottom of the stairs in a cove and everytime  scamper down those steps and turn the corner and pass it.... I FREAK internally.  Seriously.  Scroll on down and see for thyself!
I heard from the owners it isn't just freaking us out, but most everyone who "encounters" the possessed bust!

It scares the beegeebeeze out of me.  And not just me but my helpers also.  Sooo, today I decided to take pictures of possessed Elvis because I knew you and no one else would believe me.  Especially considering I believe I am Steven Tylers twin sister from a previous life.  Hey, it's true. Given these intelligent statements notice that each photo I took appears different. Yup, told ya.
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