Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crafting with Cat Hair???....Seriously? by Diane Ogden

This came out of the lint catcher of my dryer TODAY after putting my special comfie blankie I like to sleep covered with every night in dryer per Oprah's instructions, for 40 minutes on high to kill all buggers. No not boogers, bugs! People bugs called mites. But when I looked at that double glob of white cat hair staring back at me I decided it was time to GOOGLE this issue.  You wouldn't believe what I found..... Yup, "Crafting With Cat Hair!"  Not me! Nope! No way! But in case you might be interested?   Story by julieincharge
Published on Jan 10, 2012 
Also:  which took me to:  Crafting With Cat Hair
Yes this woman actually wrote a book on this craft.
That's it!  I 'm writing a book.  If this book sells I can write a book on how to clean the litter box and make cash flow.  Actually I have some better happier ideas.  But until I do, you Be Happy, Be Well, Be Safe, and by God and whom-ever, Get Rich!!  

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