Thursday, April 26, 2012

"The Coon and I" Diane Ogden

I realize this is not a very clear photo but, and I say a big but! But I used the ZOOM-ola on my phone considering Mr. Coon was way too close when I exited a clients home to retrieve something from my car.
In fact "she" was directly across the street in a yard looking into my eyes.  At that moment I was trying to recollect from my minds memory if I ever learned how fast a raccoon can run.  Me, I know how fast I can run, just not sure which one of us is faster.
I had seen her earlier when I arrived and contacted animal control.  Animal control is like the P0-lice!  They had to get everything but my measurements.  Name, phone number, address.  Just come get the critter duhwad.  Then after I called I was sorry.  I got to thinking that raccoons usually only come out at night so maybe she is extra hungry because its spring and she has wee ones.  And I would be responsible for her being taken away and abandoning her wee ones.  OMG now what?  She was roaming from house to house, garbage can to garbage can, then walking up the street in broad daylight! Just then my phone rang and it was the animal control po-lice.  They told me they spoke to "Nancy" at the address I gave them (across the street from my clients)  And "Nancy" said the raccoon has been around for about the past three weeks not harming anyone or anything.  I mean, they reported to me the results of their investigation which consisted of Nancy.  Now I live in a large city of 250,000 people plus.  I am giggling at the small town results yet very glad "Nancy" saved the mama coon from my sending the Animal Po-lice for her.
Next time I will google it before I turn any coons in.  My Grandad is probably rollin over on his cloud.  He was a naturist.  Is that word?  You get it.  Dont cut down any trees and dont hurt the animals.  He may have killed a few people, but never an animal.  Just kidding.  Hey he told me he rode with Poncho Via across Texas. He was a cowboy but Poncho Via??  Now you know where I get  my storytellin from.  He was a Morrison from the Delavan, Wisconsin area.  Maybe I will tell you more about the old man next time.  Interesting fella he was.
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