Saturday, March 31, 2012

The "Sickness" from not Wal Mart, Hell! by Diane Ogden

14 days ago I started feeling icky. Pueny! I went to work for three days with a fever. (I cry on fever command and have all my life, meaning if I have the slightest fever I cry and have no idea why. Well now after years of it I know why)  I have had a couple husbands or so in this wonderful life.  I would wake up crying and they, whichever one it was at the time would say, "What's wrong honey?"  I would respond with, "I don't know!"  Only to realize later it was a fever.  And so the years go on crying each time I have a fever.  Which is what happened 14 days ago.  I thought I was crying because my best friends husband of 55 years was passing away from the c word.  Not!  I had some VIRUS from hell that took me from work for 9 days and one weekend.  Never ever in my life have I ever missed school or work for this many days from a virus. Hate of school maybe, but not from the virus from hell. The fever was almost 7 days.  The stuffed nose was, no still is.  The coughing, the tight chest still is. 
Let me back up to the urgent care visit 12 days ago.  I told the YOUNG fellow doctor that I have not been sick with coughing like this for 8 years.  I quit smoking 8 years ago and have not since had any coughing. I suggested that in the "old" days my g.p. would give me antibiotics if it went into my chest due to family history and asthma issues/bronchitis.  He was horrible!  He arrogantly said, "Well ma'am, we could put you in the hospital, put needles in your arm, fill you with antibiotics, and they would do no good!  You have a virus. (he never felt the nodules in neck, nor did a blood test, but he did do chest x-ray and oxygen level.)  I say to protect his own ars from a law suit in case I have pneumonia. But screw the fact I told him my chest was very tight and uncomfortable.  He was arrogant. Not a doctor I ever wish to see again.  Well unless he would be the last one available on earth. 
So here I am...going back to work in one more day with a tight chest unless I decide to go back to the urgent care village and pray I don't get doctor who, who doesn't get wrong and give me an anti biotic or not.  Maybe give me something duh!  This has been quite the voyage from hell for sure.  Whats the good news?  It is supposed to be warm and nice tomorrow vs cold and damp with issues from the funny farm today.  (The funny farm is where I was raised by the funny parents who are now 81 and 86 and don't really like each other) Last night I dreamed my Dad drove to Nebraska ran out of money there at a motel.  We were all talking about who could go pic him up!  Funny?  Yup the funny farm as I said.... 
We WILL be well, happy, and safe....
I WILL find happy news  HANG IN THERE WITH ME ....   nite
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