Saturday, March 10, 2012

"The Project" Diane Ogden

Do you see anything wrong with the picture?  Let me say that I have used ban saws, jigs, done every sort of craft know to man but this little project of five pieces, I found a way to mess up.   The top board is facing backward.  I only had three screws in when I discovered this error so backward I went unscrewing the three long screws from the formaldehyde pressed Chinese boards knowing this would cause it to not be as sturdy considering the "used" holes.  I then pounded the little white covers over the screw heads with the end of the screwdriver because I seem to have lost my handy hammer.  I live in three rooms!  Where oh where has the little hammer gone?  Whatever, it worked.  I carry the closet maid shelf project to my bathroom to set it next to the other two I bought at a used store. Obviously I didn't measure them.
"The Project" shelf is two inches taller than the other two yet identical in all other areas.  So I figured the other two must have come from Shopco and my project shelf came from Target. So I put mine in the center and it looks marvelous darling.   I am back in business. 
The good news for today is I am upright and heading to the stores to re-vamp one of those old fashioned ceiling fans with those dumb hanging lites!  Yup I already removed the lites and frilly fixtures.  Will let you know what I come up with.  Dynamite and a field would be good. But I don't own it so I cant kill it. 
Until later, Be Happy, Be Well, and Be Safe!
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