Monday, March 19, 2012

Pennies From Heaven at Wells Fargo! Diane Ogden

As you recall, the Grand and her friend and I took all my change I have saved for almost three years to the big Green Coin Machine at Hells Gates of Wal Mart.  When I found out they would charge me a service fee of .10 cents on the dollar I said, "No Way Hosea!"  
Today I took all the change to Wells Fargo.  A nice young man Jonathan helped me carry it all in.  I asked the tellers if they wanted to take bets on how much but was told they aren't allowed to gamble or bet at the bank.  I thought that was funny.   Angie and Jonathan took all my money into a side room where the noise began and lasted a long time.  Angie came out and asked me how much I thought I had.
I said, "Ooohhh, $350 -$400.  I really thought $450-$500 but decided to play back.  She told me it was already past that and there were bags left!  I got giddy....  When the tinkling stopped she walked out and said, $763. 43 would you like that?  I said, "HUNDREDS PLEASE MAAM!"   
                       Now that is some happy news for today.   
Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy, and by God BE RICH. I am.    Actually I had saved that money for a pair of Bvlgari designer eye glasses and discovered this weekend they have been discontinued.  I saved too long.
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