Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Begonia's a Wolf in Sheeps Diane Ogden

So this looks like "Grannieville's" ass-isted living hallway does it not?  Well it is NOT!  It is although the hallway outside my door at my complex.  No not a prison complex.
At the local grocer store they were selling these precious little Begonia's.  $2.99 no kidding.  And after the last snowstorm after the other last snowstorm I was totally into a yellow and Pinky-Red Be-gonia!   Brought them home and put them in my front facing West window. 
LuLu cat immediately went for the biggest bloom and took a munch.  I screamed for my Granddaughter to grab those plants I am not sure if they are POISON!  She grabbed them, scaring LuLu off before she could consume the bloom. 
I proceed to Google and type in the search "are begonia's poison to cats?"    Oh yeah!!  They are not only poison, they damage the animals organs and burn their mouth and throat as they go down.  So.....they are now sitting in the hallway waiting for my son to come for his daughter and take the two $2.99 reminders of Spring home to their home. 
The Good News for today is I did not have to run to the Emergency Vet on the weekend and add go my already half paid off last vet bill.  Nor did I have to possibly pay for the cremation of said cat LuLu who loves to eat roses and got confused.  A begonia looks like a rose, but its a wolf in sheep's petals! 
Be Happy, Be Safe, and Be Well until next time.
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