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Lifepath 8 The Executive in Numerology Diane Ogden

Famous 8 Lifepath's 


Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Barbra Streisand
Edgar Cayce
Elizabeth Taylor
Faith Hill
Frank Abagnale
Joni Mitchell
Lucille Ball
Paul Newman
Richard Gere
Stevie Nicks
Victor Frankl

From the book Glynis Has Your Number:
The 8 life lesson is material freedom.  They need to master money because money can often be illusive.  There are a lot of 8's who are millionaires, and they keep all that money in the bank, because they're afraid to spend it. And then there are those other kinds of 8's who seek millionaires out so they can spend their money.
Let me explain something about issues with money.  If you have a fear of lack of money, even if you have money, chances are your parents were also worried about it, and that lack is in your memory bank.  As long as you don't think there is going to be enough, no matter how much you make, it will continue to slip through your fingers.
An example from Glynis book is:   A housewife says, "What's the point? I'm a housewife, I don't even make money."  It doesn't matter as long as you are welcoming money into your life.  The housewife began doing a positive affirmation and about six months later she received an inheritance from one of her relatives.  $40,000.00.  And that is how it works.  It's your subconscious that needs to buy new information because think of how many things we say consciously that don't come true.  For example, if I say I'm in a relationship and I'm never going to have in a bad one again, the next thing you know I/m in another bad one because the subconscious does not know what I want.  So it's through repetition that we can heal the mind.  And this is especially true for the 8.
Another think about 8's, people would often say they are materialistic.  What I say is that 8's tend to be attracted to the finer things in life.  They like quality and having attractive possessions such as a nice home, car, clothes and such.  There is something about quality that 8's crave and are very drawn to.
8 is also a politicians number.  It's a power number meaning they really want control and to make a difference.  8's need to caution themselves.  They tend to get caught up  in their dreams, and they forget to stop and smell the roses.
Oftentimes, a woman that is married to an 8 lifepath might be upset and say her husband doesn't care about her or her children because he is so busy working.  8's just need to slow down and give the people in their life more attention.  And not get caught up so often in the business world.
8's have to be careful not to become a victim.  They do have bad luck.  For instance, if an 8 was at a stop sign and went a little bit over and somebody else ran the stop sign, the 8 would get the ticket.  I recommend humor. 8's have to find ways to make their lives funny.
Remember life is not as overwhelming as you think it is.   If an 8 does mood swing, they can fall into deep depression and it's not uncommon.  You must keep yourself healthy.
8's have excellent executive ability.  They are efficient, and what's funny, although they can be a victim number, they don't have much tolerance for people who feel sorry for themselves.  It's more like if an 8 saw someone suffer, they'd say, "Look, I'm sorry that happened. Now get up.?
Taking advice is not easy because they have to go through that wall before they say, "Okay, I'll never do it again."  It's got to be their lesson.
8's are also late bloomers.  If you're an 8 lifepath and your thinking, "Gosh, I wonder if I'm too old to do what I want to do,"  You are never too old.  As long as you're on this planet, you can pursue any of your dreams and make it happen.  I caution 8's about their health.  It is not hard for you to get hurt.  You must be on the alert when yo9u drive or do sports.  Just keep your focus.  I think you get so caught up in your work or your dreams that you don't always pay attention to the simple things that could cause you physical stress and trouble.
Occupations for the 8:  banker, stock market trader, accountant, office manager, engineer.  Notice these are jobs dealing with money.  8's also make good corporate lawyers or judges.  Today is a gift and so many 8's are planning for their future.  The future may never come.  Today is what you've got to embrace and this is so important for the 8 vibration. 
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