Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lady With the Checkered Diane Ogden

We all come from somewhere, rather said, "The way we were and now are!"  Listen, I have many sides to my past and present.  Good, Bad, and Ugly!  I have some rich farmers on my side.  I have some floozies on my side, I have some circus folks hiding back there, I have some drunks, wait a lot of drunks in the bloodside background, most of whom are in the ground.  I have some fancy pants people in the background, Grandad Linley.I have a bear killer named Nana Pat see photo. I have a few criminals even.  A murderer from the 1800's, Great Great Uncle Henry.  A dancing man from the 1980's, Uncle Elm.  A sweet sweet uncle name Emil, and a Super wonderful Grannie named Tillie.  Grandpa Emil doing prison time in Leavenworth (for moon shining). You go Grandpa, make that moonshine the government said no no no to! Some losers along the way, some never to forget along the way. And many lessons learned from the research and photos and stories and memories of my own.  I know it doesn't look or sound funny. But wait till you see the photo of the floozies.  I cant spell that!  The carnies, (couldn't find photo) how bout that?  I'd say I am darn well rounded..... check out my other Grannie MoMo BELOW...I miss her...
So Be Well, Be Happy, Be Safe until the Lady With the Checkered Past returns......LOL and OMG
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