Saturday, March 17, 2012

The DMV..... by Diane Ogden

The daughter's car broke down far far away.  Anyplace would be far far away if a vehicle needs to be towed home.  I pondered this "titanic" situation for ten minutes, then made the call to the step Dad holding in all forms of any sort or drama or emotions.  He is a "Viet Nam Vet x-user of the beverage" which means all must remain calm at all times no matter what.  So I did.  The result was his stepping up and handling.  Never did I expect him to step so high up as to tow it, pay all repair charges which equalled $1,100.00.  Alternator, battery cables, fuel pump, and all new valve cover gaskets!! New keys.  Meantime I am at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles that has nothing on WalMart) getting a new title and registration  because daughter just cant remember why it isn't in the glove box.  The DMV was packed.  Every chair was filled.  Children were scampering about and boobs were prominently exposed as well as many  a man's beer belly present.  I was I-790.  There were ten I's ahead of me and at least 50 C's, D's, and H's.
I left my two workers alone to get this little job completed.  I expected it to take me an hour.  Try two!
And here's the killer!  When I finally got up to the counter and asked for a copy of the registration because its illegal in Wisconsin not to have it in the glove box.  The teller told me, "You don't need a copy of the registration in your glove box. It's not illegal in Wisconsin."  This means I left my workers alone for two hours which cost me extra......I paid for a title with no registration copy for no reason. I have the title somewhere in my possession.  I just couldn't find it that night and the step dad said I had to have it.  So...I guess for the $1,100 price tag I could hush about my two hour forfeit in time at the DMV slash WalMart side kick.  I would say that is GOOD NEWS.  A free car tow and total repair. The moon and stars and all Gods were on my side that day.  On the daughters side too.... being car-less isn't a good thing.  That sounds close to care-less now doesn't it?   Not sure the reference, just noticed it.  I was thinking we should never be careless with our cars or we could be car-less.  Doi. 
Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Well......  and find some good news and send it to me! 
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