Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Active Day it WAS!.....by Diane Ogden

Today was wonderful only because I am still upright and sane. Even tho some days are insane.
1- I half-promised the tenant upstairs that if he cleaned up the large puddle of bright green paint in the elevator that he would be compensated $30.00.  You see the staff was off all weekend and this would not be considered an emergency. That is unless a dog or person stepped in it and tracked it out onto the carpet which could cost hundreds to thousands. 
2-  I inquired to man upstairs today to see if office maintenance had contacted him regarding his Sunday clean up kindness.  His wife told me they offered him a $10 gift certificate.  The wife told them thanks but no thanks, just put a star by our name.  (I was so embarrassed) Yet we did laugh at their inadequacy.
3-  My Granddaughter called me screaming with out of control tears falling because her irresponsible boyfriend spent all their money by not paying the rent or the electric and forgot to pay his child support for a year, yup I said one year! Sooo, they took his Tax Refund which was to come to MWAH for loaning them the $ for a down payment on their new little homey home.  Yup truth. Swellers.
4-  My soap is a re-run due to the news conference that replaced it at its regular time earlier today.  (I watch it in the evening when it is re-run.)  This time was truly re-run.  Its my escape from reality which I did not get today.
5-  My friend Peter called and wants me to come see his new store he rented for $230 a month in a building on a backstreet.  He told me he cant figure out why he never sees anyone there.  I say it's probably a front for drug runners.  Guess I'll find out tomorrow.
6-  Esther, remember of Esther and the Colonel comedies.  Well Esther wants me to sell Arrbonne or however its spelled.  She sort of orders me to sell it.  And so I told her she was being bossy.  But other than that I will never sell that product ever never Esther.  She wanted to get me to be friends with her daughter who is Nester and now selling Arrbonne and right out of "One Few Over the CooCoo's Nest," except that one should have landed and stayed there.  I have rights of free speech....
7-  My dog pooped on the carpet.  Thank God it was not loose! 
8-  It's Super Tuesday and I do not want to watch an update regarding, as its been an awful campaign so far.
9-  One of my clients gave me one of the old humongous black TV's for one of my Grands and its too heavy for me so it's sitting in my back seat all comfy cozy until who knows when.  Using gas!
10- I went to sign into  http://www.flickr.com/ and they no longer know me they say.  And my photos are somewhere lost in cyber space.  Actually the one I needed for yesterdays blogpost. 
11- My daughter called to see what dis-orders we have running through the family tree.  That was fun to dredge up from the ancestry bowels.  But I did it.
The Good News?  My home didn't blow away from the attack of the tornado's from hell, none of my children died by drowning, avalanche, tornado, cancer, or any other means. I am standing, well not right now but I am able to, I have food, shelter, and love.  I love me most of the time. 
So until we meet again,
Be Happy, (no matter if the dog poops on the carpet, or if flickr lost your photos, or if your family has disorders because everyone has a disorder of some sort, and rest assured my soap will be on again tomorrow, and thank God for a caring friend like Esther, and the nice man upstairs would have cleaned up the paint for nothing! His KARMA's comin'......and so on) Be Well, and Be Safe!

photo from http://www.psychologytoday.com/
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