Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Worms or Pine Nuts.......by Diane Ogden

This would be a small section of my kitchen counter.  My Toshiba Notepad, my one tomato, one lemon, and one half a banana. My daily positive sayings calendar, and one small bag of fresh expensive pine nuts.  Pine nuts have the highest amount of protein of any nut and protein is something I need due to a bit of hypo glycemia streamin' through me veins on occasion.  One of the Grand Twins walked into my kitchen and said, "What are these? Worms!!"  I am a kind and gentle person most of the time but at that nano second in life time I wanted to say and do things almost illegal and here is why.  You all recall I live by association.  I cant eat dates because they feel like beetles or cockroaches going in and down and around.  I cant eat rare meat because it reminds me of the trauma I experienced when my father used to show me dead and mutilated mice hanging from a trap all bloody.  He meant no harm I am sure.  He enjoyed seeing me scream and jump up and down in total panic on my twin bed.  Farmers! shhesssh.  There's more but surely you get it by now.  I posted a blog called "The Umbilical Cord" showing said cord on a raw egg sitting in a pan ready to cook.  Nope cant eat the cord cause it started out to be a chicklet....  eeeww.   Betcha get it? Those expensive pine nuts shall never enter my facial orifice because my brain will tell my brain each little one of those is a worm.  
                                 Ooohweey Goooweey was a worm,
                                     A mighty worm was he.
                                He sat upon the railroad tracks.......
                                    Ooohweey, Goooweey!!
Anyone remember that silly poem from grade school?  Not sure we even jumped rope to that one.
There shall be no Ooohweey Gooweey in my mouth until I forget this and I do forget more lately than ever so there is hope.  Whatever is wrong with my brain I do wish I knew because this  association crud gets old... I like dates or beetles whichever. They just have to be smushed up in a cookie then I'm okay.  Mother said when I was little I used to make mud pies and she caught me eating a worm one time.  Why in the name of good sense would she tell me that.  Now I can add one more thing to the blame mommie list.  Yuk :(
I realize this is not good news and I am suppposed to find good news every day here.
Some good news no one will care about is:
Got my shower
Ate some angel hair spaghetti (cant eat the real thick stuff, looks like worms)
Dog is in heat yukkie doo
Cats fighting over who gets the cat tree in the sun
Can't find the apps on my smart phone but I WiLL
Happy Happy Day I say, the sun is out and I'm on me way !
Be Happy, Be Well, Be safe......
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