Sunday, February 19, 2012

Twins Diane Ogden

And so it continues.......
That room used to be called a "Sun Room" as it has windows facing the afternoon sun on two sides.  Just figure that window thing out, it works. Check out the before and after pics. Soooo....naturally I have a lot of plants who live out there and love it.
The plant laying on the floor was run over by the twin with the striped socks and the 70's flowered silk p.j.'s standing over it.   The part of the picture missing is the metal stand the brass potted plant was resting happily on before the massacre.  Also to the rear of it lay a pine tree on its side.  
The guilty twin kept saying she was sorry.  Of course I said it's alright honey, at which time she told me she wasn't talking to me, she was telling the dirt she was sorry.  Okie Dokie and I just ignored that.  Do notice the suede and fur Pottery Barn throw lying very close to said dirt! Frightening.
She actually cleaned it all up on her own after I handed her a large spoon and the hose end of the vacuum as well as showing her where the off button was when she finished. 
Then we all walked down to the apt. bin to get the queen size euro bed and as I watched them sit on it while it was blowing up, they noticed my little dog "humping' my cat and the twin squealing started. (sorry no photo of dog humping cat, although there is a video in bad taste)  That is when the one twin told me how Mason tried to hump her in the hall at school just like that.  I said, "What? What did you do?"   She told me she said,  eeewww! I also heard about Marc humping Jason's head at recess.  And I was shown a visual on how that looks.  Just what I needed to see.  Not! 
Is this happy news? You bet it is. No one's sick or dying and all is pretty normal wouldn't you agree?  The dog humps the cat, Grandkids tip over plants, little boys will be humping whatever they can find for infinity, and we have a ero bed they are pretending is a magic carpet and the other grand is sending me text drawings from afar. Its all good news.
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