Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Spirit of Tula......by Diane Ogden

I swear to God this is true.....
I was cleaning at one of my clients homes today where one of my favorite dogs passed away two weeks ago, one day after our last cleaning. Tula is/ was her name.  She loved my treats and would run outside to meet me every two weeks so excited for those treats.  Tula had advanced luekemia. Today I sensed her in the kitchen as I was cleaning the stove.  She was begging me for a treat. How can I explain to you that I saw and sensed her in the spirit right next to me. I said, "Tula, I know you want a treat but you wont be able to eat it......your in the spirit now."  But she continued.  I told her I didn't bring any treats in with me but I would see if her mama and papa still had some for her.  I went to the pantry as she followed me and sure enough there was a bag of small treats still sitting on the shelf.  I opened the bag and took one small round treat and handed it to my invisible friend Tula. I said, "Now don't bite me, be gentle!" Like I always said to her at which time I dropped it to the floor and walked back to the stove which is about seven feet away, to continue my cleaning process.  I did begin to pray for Tula asking the Universe to help her cross over yet I did tell her she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted and felt comfortable doing so.  Then I just got busy. About a half an hour had passed at which time I was cleaning the sink when I obliviously looked over toward that side of the kitchen where I had dropped the treat AND IT WAS GONE!!!!!  On every body's grave everywhere in the world I swear to every one's God!  I called my helper Libby downstairs to see if she had come into the kitchen and picked it up and maybe I didn't see her.  (Impossible, I would have seen her) She said no she had not and in fact she was finished vacuuming the downstairs a long time ago.  I told Libby what had happened and we both stood there staring at the floor where the treat used to be.  Now unless my clients have a rat for a pet hidden somewhere, Tula showed me she was just fine and by eating that treat she thanked me for all the past years of blessing her with good treats. 
Libby and I had God or Goose-bumps all over our bodies as well as the hairs on our arms was standing at attention to Tula.  I went to the pantry to get another treat in great hopes Tula  would show Libby her latest trick, yet all the time knowing nothing would happen this time.  Tula had exited the building.  I could no longer sense her presence. 
I do not know how to "make" anyone believe me.  I just know it happened.  I saw it with my own eyes.  Bless Tula for uplifting my faith in the here-after and for coming to say goodbye to me.  Her small gesture meant so much.  Small being a worldly bad choice of words for this HUGE miracle.  I have never seen a manifestation so vividly offered to me from the spirit.  Thanks Tula and have a wonderful life playing in the pure white snow and getting the best treats ever in your new world. 
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