Monday, February 27, 2012

Shopping, Then the Diane Ogden

Sometimes working can become hum drum mundane and we have to do something to stop that, move it, change it, bring it up up up, back to a glass half full.  So in my little corner of the world that meant leaving the dog and two cats to run off to Wal Mart for a paint brush and a pair of chinese made pants.  Then onto T.J.Max for a facial rejuvenator double AA battery running exfoliatre doo da day.  As well as some duck sticks for the dog and some catnip still on the vine for the cats. Must be like buying tomatoes on the vine. And one silver necklace for
M W A H! I love it.  Oh and a new teflon pan because I have apparently eatin' much of the last one. At least the bottom of it tells that tale.
I get home, take the dog out, unpack he groceries before the Oscar Awards begin....I take a tad of the catnip off the stem and crush it between my fingers per instructions and give it cat # 1 while crushing catnip for cat # 2.  I look over and cat # 1 has saliva stringing from her mouth onto fur and floor.  This would tell me the taste is bad bad bad....over the top of the top.  I only saw her do that one other time when I applied her revolution (for flees, ticks) down too far on her neck and she licked it.  OMG I thought she would die....and here we go again.  I quickly got some treats for her to take away the horrid taste or whatever it was making her salivate so badly.  She survived.  I think because God knew I needed her to because it was Sunday evening and emergency vets cost a new car.  Maybe I should eat some of that "stuff " on the viney stalky plant.  Then again how what that look with me salivating all over the living room carpet then running around looking for something to eat to counteract it.  That is after I have rejuvenated my face with the rejuvenater double AA battery doo da day.  Good looking face lift with saliva hanging from it. NOT!  The  awards are about over so I am going to sign off til later.  Except I have to say, "What was Angelina Jolie thinking when she blatantly STUCK her leg out of her dress slit like a dummie-slut over and over and over. "  I hear her leg now has its own twitter page.  Her leg looked like a skinny mayonnaise jar. At least spray tan for the awards hey.
What's the good news of the day?   I did not try the catnip still on the stalk, and the cat survived and I feel much better about going to work this week after watching Jolie act like she needed more attention. 
You all be happy, be well, and be safe until next time....
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