Friday, February 17, 2012

Red Rubber Diane Ogden

I love buying people things therefore holidays are my greatest pleasure so as to excuse and allow my over zealous giving spirit.  Valentines day I happened to pass some rubber duckies at the grocer store.  No kidding.  These little duckies have rotating  lites of different colors.  For real!  I was so pleased I picked up four of them.  One for me.  Cant you picture that 8 x 10 glossy of me in the bath with a lited rubber duckie (don't go there!). 
I purchased one for the littlest grand.
I purchased one for the littlest and only great grand.
I purchased one of each for my life job helpers small children......
When I went to remove the sticker on the bottom it read:  Small parts not for children under 3! 
S H U T U P   C H I N A! 
There is probably blue asphalt inside the rubber duckies to make them lite up blue.  Sshheessh chit
So day after Valentines Day I receive the sweetest gift from my helper workers.  It's the photo I have posted in a nice little frame, and a "sweet" chocolate rose which I am allergic to.  But so appreciative of the thought. 
(Do you ever get sick of, "It's the thought that counts," deal) 
I am totally impressed how those two wee ones posed with the rubber duckies for the pictures.  Is that Happy News or what?  Made my day!!
(Notice one has a white duckie and one has a red one)
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