Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Dead Mouse by Diane Ogden

That little rhinestone creature WAS my precious computer/laptop mouse that died a horrible death. The dog got it and shook it and shook it.  There were little baby rhinestones flying all over the room sticking on the walls and curtains. Done/Dead! I loved that rhinestone mouse. Not like you love your family of course (well sometimes actually more depending on the day)....rather how a girl likes her diamonds.  That dead mouse made me happy every time I sat down at my technology center which includes one dead PC, one large wonderful monitor waiting for its Dead PC to come back home and turn 'her' on again. One scanner printer, another better scanner, one laptop, and one Toshiba tablet.  The worse part is the built in mouse on my laptop doesn't work so well, then the rhinestone mouse dies, so I run to Wal Mart and buy a cheapee mousie while I wait for the new rhinestone mouse to come by UPS after ordering it online?  I tried to install an old PC wireless mouse on the dead mouseless laptop but no go. I lost the little teeny tiny USB dealie that makes those items work.  Imagine that.
I also have the matching glitzie stapler that is alive and kickin ars.  I'll all work out.  In the large scheme of life it's considered a very low issue, except to me..........Of course if something had to die within these walls I guess the mouse would be the safest to go!
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