Monday, February 6, 2012

My Blog since Diane Ogden

I haven't written any posts for two months.  I used to love writing about the funny things I would see in our world.  Then one day a family member told me that I would never have a good life until I stopped writing this blog.  Me?  Humm.  Then shortly after that I was told by a different family member that they never wanted to see me again in their life!  Me?  I thought.  Was it anything to do with my blog?  I guess it wasn't but it was one of the worse things that ever happened to me ever.  Because I love that person and always will.  And no it wasn't a husband.  I am rather glad they are all gone forever.  And that again has nothing to do with my blog but it definitely has something to do with my life being and getting better.   As for the people that said such hurtful things to me....   I truly hope as they grow and evolve they will come to understand how life really works.  And, there are books and CD's and movies and all sort of ways to learn without being hateful and putting others down. There are even "SHRINKS" called psychologist who could help them.   And my little blog really won't make that much difference in the end. 
Me, I am going to start back finding all the humor in life's journey that I can....  and going  to blog it!

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