Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Little Dolls from Puerto Diane Ogden

So one Grand stayed overnight Friday, was picked up at 3:00 p.m. today and two more were dropped off!  Holy twins, and one with a horrible cough someone tell me I will get some sleep tonight?  Oh,wait, son left two bottles of medicine with post it notes saying, "Do Not Give Whole Bottle!"  I think that was a joke....
The twins brought with them two little PuertoRican dolls that appeared to be hand sewn.  Cutest little buggers.  I said, "How cool are these, as I picked up the bloomers to check the details on how well they were made.  (I used to make little dolls that were similar so I felt as tho I had some quality control status on this here subject)  As I lifted the left bloomer leg I noticed a tag. Said tag read, "MADE IN INDIA!"   I tell you I started to laugh as I read it to my son who just stood there before me with the most dumbfounded look on his face I have seen in years.  He said, "I specifically asked that man if these dolls were made local and he assured me they were."  Yes son and I will sell you that bridge in Arizona or whatever that country song says. 
At that point I offered to CUT the tag off the left leg-ged PuertoRican doll from India.  I suspect he could have picked those up at a truck stop outside of town if he'd wanted to wait til he got home. 
Me, I didn't even get a T-shirt made in China from Puerto Rico.  It's okay, they put bad stuff in their cotton I hear.  And I am glad the girls are too old for show and tell or this would fall into the category of "Your Dad got snookered kids."  Shhhh they'll never know.  And I found my happy news for the day.
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