Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Limo and the Maintenance Diane Ogden

Today was a happy day give or take the crap.  Ever notice how crap resembles carp.  And both are garbage creators, slash, eaters. Carp is crap and crap is carp.   Back to my point....  I look for happy things in the midst of every day life. 
I was standing in front of a clients home this morning when up the street comes, no not a knight in shining armor on a white steed duh!  A limo, a long black truck looking limo.  Some people think the new SUV type limo's are cool but to me they look like a long black truck without mud flaps.  Yet the idea of the limo itself leans the mind toward extravagant.  Mind you I am about to begin a days hard work which is the opposite of extravagant limo.  I think the driver was reading my mind because he slowed down and waved to me that wave that says, "Sorry lady!  Maybe next time!"  I waved and gave him the, "You know what you look."  Smiling the entire time I was.
Then my sweet, very young manboy banker helped me fax some legal papers which after I left, said company called me saying very young sweet manboy banker obviously cannot run a fax machine as they only received two of four sheets.  So I run to my complex office to use their fax where I run into our maintenance man.  He asks me how my microwave is doing?  I said, "Fine, so is my toilet, why?"  He reminded me of the fact it was my third microwave in eight years. I said, "But I'm still on toilet number one!"  He had installed a small part in the third microwave that quit working within one day so the Frigidaire folks had to come and replace that same small part in third cheap microwave. He couldn't understand why his part didn't work.  I told him, "I suspect your itty bitty part must be defective." At which time the office girl could not hold in her snickers and the maintenance man loudly told me I had a dirty mind.  I do not!  I just find the happy and funny anywhere I can.  From Limo drivers to bankers to maintenance man-boys with little bitty parts that don't work. 
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