Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kissing My Mops! by Diane Ogden

What does the Superbowl and mops have in common? The Superbowl just ended and the whoever's won.. Obviously I am not a football woman.  Although I do appreciate the talent but not the cash paid for the talent.  A little over the top ya think?  Sca-millions for a game?  When so much pain exists world-wide. But I get it even though the balance is off.  The magnetic field of humanity must be screaming.  Showing it's head in other ways on our planet.  OK so it was the Giant's that won. 
Me, I noticed how those football players were kissing that football trophy.  It was a football made out of something??  Glass, Silver, not sure.  I suddenly realized I should get an award too.  What would it be?  A mop?  I have a green cleaning business so it should be a mop huh?  Should I kiss it?  Eeww.  But it is what feeds me and my dog and if I won an award of a mop for being the best mopper and it was made out of silver or glass, heck yes I would kiss it!  It's not like kiss my mop!  It's like "Kiss my Silver best Mop that says I did GOOD!"   I would kiss it youbetchyourbippy...   I have no idea what a bippy is, do you?
Go fetch the eggs from the coop?  Just a joke saying only hicks don't know what a bippy is......  I admit it. Okay I think its your ars....  read between the mispelling.  You win!
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