Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jack Nickolson Diane Ogden

Okay so this isn't Jack Nickolson but it sure is a look a liker!  This would be my Dad Joe....  Who had just been wheeled into recovery from having cancer removed from his bladder.  Yes they got it all!  My mother and I had responded to the little black box with the beeper on it that beeped and told us to get on back to the waiting room for the doctors visit.  Then they took us back to see Dad and when we rounded the corner to the open cubicle where they herd the patients in and out like milkers in the barn, this is the view we laid our eyes upon first!  "JACK!"  

I said, "Dad, hold that look."  And I grabbed my camera.  Of course Dad doesn't remember a thing and still days later has not seen this wonderful rendition of his first moments awake after cancer surgery.
He may still look like this considering he has to have the catheter in until tomorrow.  Mother says he likes the fact he doesn't have to get up in the middle of the night three times to podie!  He has a built-in Depends that he can depend on, at least one more day.  Dad is 86 and still beating the odds the surgeon says. 
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