Friday, February 24, 2012

I Spent a Diane Ogden

I have not spent a dime in two years easy.  I have spent a few quarters but only because I had to for a parking meter. Today I spent a dime because all I had was a twenty dollar bill along with a one dollar bill and  the checkout lady told me I owed $21.10 cents. Bought killed me over to give that woman one of the dimes laying in the bottom of my purse. Why?  Because I used to save coins as a ssort of "Christmas fund."  Then the children grew up.  But I started doing it again recently.
This stash of I would guess is close to $500 and will go for a fancy pair of eyeglasses I have been wanting for four years.  I suspect if I don't "get on it" the glasses will be discontinued.  A bit of procrastination going on and anyway I am having trouble parting with my stash.  It's like hoarding.  I am hoarding coins of value.  I hoard baby food jars for no reason although I did donate several hundred of those to a local daycare for the children to mix up their paints.  I don't hoard anything else. Since then I only have saved about fifty baby food jars.  What is the difference between hoarding and saving?  
Webster says that  Pathological or compulsive hoarding is a specific type of behavior characterized by acquiring and failing to throw out a large number of items ... (eeww baby food jars)
Webster says to save is to put aside as a store or reserve : accumulate
Not so sure eyeglasses are an emergency as I have two pair of regular eye glasses already.  So What!  Its my hoard of savings.  How I am going to carry this money to the coin machine is another issue.  A dollie, a wagon, (I don't have a wagon.)  I could pour it on a bed sheet, tie up the top and drag it down the hall to the elevator, across the floor to the car........wait, no way to get it into the car.  Even on a dollie or a wagon, no way to get it into the car.  Now what?   Wonder if BRINKS would stop by if I called. 
The happy news involved here is that I have a poop-load or so of money.  (Lack of a better term)
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