Monday, February 13, 2012

Grandma Tillie Fly's off the Wall Diane Ogden

My Grandmother Mathilda Mae Heiny Jungbluth is special to me and I am to her. By the way she be dead. I have a photo of her and Pa, a black and white glossy that has flown off the wall in my bedroom twice in my life just when I was about to make a really bad decision.  She was doing her best to STOP me, but I was young and did not realize her intention.  I did think it very spooky the first time it fell off its nail perch with no cause and effect going on.  No one jumping or humping on the bed, no wind gales coming thru the window.  And no one vacuuming or dusting for cobwebs accidentally did it.  Nope....she did it. 
The three instances have occurred over a forty year period of time and wouldn't you know it she struck again this evening. 
I have had an extremely difficult two months with stress levels to the moon where she obviously was perched and took notice.  I realize this card I made with her photo on it isn't as heavy as a framed glossy has sat there for months and never fell off the shelf it resides on across from "me" bed.  Tonight I was in the "rest room" (why its called that I don't know) and when I came out there she lay right in my pathway....  I said to myself....oh crud now what?  It has to be good grannie cause I am up to my brows in chit lately.  I sure hope she lets me know what it is I am not supposed to do.  Oh, could it be, leave my livelihood (job) and put the cat and dog in the car with kitty litter and hit the road  ( don't forget the laptop) for as far as my gas tank will go!  God wouldn't that just be a gas.  Puns, I love em.  I don't want to die or anything nutz like that. I just want something besides work and taking the dog out to pee, and more work, and taking the dog out to pee, and getting groceries and washing the car and so on.  Oh I am grateful for all the working and being able to take the dog out to pee.  Heck I am grateful I can still pee. On my own that is.  And I don't live in Iran or Iraq or Syria, those poor peoples. Yet still....Grannie is trying to tell me something along with the pigeon (dove) that flew directly at me, when I was taking the dog out to pee.  So close over my head the dog got scared and jumped on my leg to pic her up. And when I turned quickly to see where it went it was GONE.  Oh yes I said GONE!   Pigeons or doves coming before you means you need to make your home more family-ish... okay it really means to huddle with your family as there will be safety adn security in that activity.  Oh my god you have to be kidding me.... What am I missing?
hummm, sort of the opposite of driving AWAY as far as the gas tank will go huh?  Which is only 300 miles max with my car.  So that means I could end up north almost to Marinette, Wisconsin, or East into Lake Michigan, or South to Centrailia, Ill. Or West to some god forsaken place in Iowa.  No wonder Grannie is telling me to knock it off and settle in.  It is what is is, it is what I have been dealt, so deal.  (Chit, I really wanted to get away, but I suppose a planned vacation would make more sense. YA THINK?)  okay okay I wont run away this time.
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