Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davy Died? Diane Ogden

Jeez I have been walking around singing "Hey Hey We're the Monkeys,....."  all day.  Among other Monkey songs.  Sure heck yah I remember him.  Duh he is me and you.  Well me age anyway.  I saw an insert commercial saying women still recall him and his sex appeal to this day.  Meaning they will recall him long after death.  I was thinking as I was sitting alone, well not alone, the two cats and one dog reside nearby.   I was thinking as the commercial ran for "We will buy your old gold and silver," that I wondered who would remember my sex appeal when I croaked, or any of my attributes.  Do you ever think about what anyone will think of you when you die?  Do you wonder who will even know you died and attend the quote FUN-eral! Will you linger on golden streets and be allowed to watch over previous relatives? Me too I wondered.  I really have thought of that but not continually of course. Back to the Monkey that passed away.  Darn.  He was too young to die.  But what do I know about whose time is when.  I think I will go get a physical next week.  ha.
What does ha stand for? Does ha mean ha-ppy?  Or does ha - mean what? 
Jeez the happy news for today is I didn't pass away to somewhere we don't know where is,
So Be Happy, Be Well, and Be Safe until we meet again.  (I read somewhere Dale Evans and Roy Rogers used to say that "Until we meet again ." )  Rest in Peace Davey Jones and many others.  Not me yet tho.....or you
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