Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crunchy Dead Scorpions.....(to eat) Diane Ogden

While at a clients home last week I noticed this little square yellow sucker sitting on the counter with a bug inside it.  Seriously. I figured it was a rubber bug. WRONG!  It was a real dead scorpion.   I copied the website url off the back of the "crunchy dead scorpion inside sucker label."   Oh yeh!  It's for real.  They also do ants and many other bugs inside suckers.  And for a mere $82 a box you can get a few of these dandy deals on bugs.  WHY?  Would you give your child a crunchy bug to suck on? Each to his own path I say.  Not that I can't comment on the pathway.
Actually this didn't make me sick like when I can't eat whole dates because they crunch and look like a beetle or cockroach.  Oh stop.
And, no I do not watch Fear Factor!  Never ever, no no way.
I do know a few people I would like to gift this crunchy little critter sucker to!!!!  Bet you do too.
The happy news for today is I am upright and above ground.  Maybe tomorrow will bring something more humorous. Or even later today.  I have to stop at Wal Mart so that ought to tell you something good is coming.
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