Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Cat Hair Pillow....... by Diane Ogden

This is NOT my keyboard.  And do not try this at home rather check with the professionals.  These people took the guts out of their keyboard before putting it through the dishwasher.  Oh yes they did!~
They decided against the Q-Tip hi-way and took the direct Interstate wash.  Me, I used the Eureka hose which still took quite some time to suck all the white cat hair out from under the keys.  It just kept coming and coming like a long string from the circus clowns suit.  I was embarrassed even though no one was looking.  And I hope no one ever finds out - doi.  Hey I love my cat and I would hope if I shed some hair no one that loved me would care.

I would have never thought to check my keyboard if I had not run smack into a clients cat hair keyboard on the job. It took me a half hour to suck all that hair out, think about that. Thirty minutes at sixty seconds a minute. Do the math, to get all that long red cat hair out of his keyboard. That is when I went directly home and began sucking out the pounds of hair locked in and under my laptop keys. I was really scared the keys were going to get sucked up too..... but they didn't.

 I wish to say I thought maybe I could make a soft pillow out of all that cat hair stuck in keyboards all around the world.  eewww.  There must  be a way to clean it like they do other animal hair...and it is soft and cushy and still eeewww. Hey don't diss me, check out the woman that does art portraits with dryer lint!  People all over the county send it to her in different colors.  I'll stick with synthetic stuffing thanks anyway.  p.s.  My keyboard is now clean. Is yours?  Laptops really shouldn't be put in the dishwasher.  I know that!

p.p.s.  My dad, you know? Jack Nickolson?  He wont eat at my house cause he thinks ONE stray hair could get into his food.  Just imagine if he ever say someones "cat hair keyboard."
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