Sunday, January 8, 2012

Girls Day Out! by Diane Ogden

This would be my x-x-x sister-in-law.  That means I have other sister-in-laws by way of error three times past.  I tend to keep the sister-in-laws and leave the not-so-responsible hubbs by the wayside.  One would think I would have "got it" why it was happening by now.  Well at least by ten years ago plus.  But I hadn't so I am left with great sisters.  This one has been in my life since she was 13 and she is now in her 50's which is the new 30's I hear.  Someone tell the rest of me please.  We decided on a new restaurant chain she saw in the newspaper.  Yes she still reads the newspaper vs her personal front page on puter.  The franchise chain is called Eggs R Us, No that's not it.  "Eggs & I."  Personally I like Yokes on You better....
They serve breakfast and lunch then close.  I had been craving a hamburger for three days.  I think because last work week was over the top tough and my body wanted more food than I had provided.  So it got it.
Hamburger with real cheddar cheese that left a long string from face to burger at each bite!  A soft toasted bun made my day.  I don't eat too much bread so this was great.  We both took our first bite at the same time and omg!  We both said, "Whoa!"   Enjoyed positive conversation and food along with me receiving my Christmas gifts. A beautiful new baby blue robe soft as a teddy bear.  And slippers.
Then off we went to Willow Creek, a wonderfully expensive shop with furniture, foo foo, and more foo foo.  A lot of Victorian items as I have posted.   I love to take pictures in there and make Christmas Cards from them.  Then off we went to Odana Antique Furniture Store .....obviously on Odana Road.  That is where missy keeps trying on these feathered hats from the 30's or 40's.  I couldn't resist grabbing the camera out once again.  We laughed until tears.  That not being easy due to the cold I "encountered" two days before Christmas.  I suspect it was quite a healing laugh regardless.  I plan on making her some new business cards online ($20) with that photo shot on the back.  She has a Painting and Decorating Company.  I suspect that will be a $20 loss on my part but what a great $20 joke.  I am always up for finding humor anywhere I can.
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