Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nicest Christmas Card Came Today: by Diane Ogden

I haven't been at my blog desk for a long time.  Sometimes life sends us lemons and it also sometimes takes certain people, me, longer than others to figure out how to make lemonade out of them.  I must have lost my squeezer somewhere along the way this year.  I am still working on squeezing them one by one by  hand.  And with a degree of osteo arthritis, it is taking me longer than usual.  Obviously I do not have osteo of the brain.  And possibly it was a bad analogy.  Either way.....I am coming out of it.  Thank God and myself not to mention this card sure helped a bunches.
So today I received a beautiful hand made Christmas card from my son Daniel.  I wanted to share it with you.  He makes them by hand as he is incarcerated  
He makes them for the other inmates to send home and they pay him with stamps or food treats. 
This was lemonade via the U.S. Penitentiary via the U.S. Mail Service. 
Thanks Dan, I love you and I probably wasn't the easiest Mom or the best Mom either.  Forgiveness is free. We both learned that one. 
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