Monday, November 21, 2011 That a Pool Table? by Diane Ogden

Who'd of ever thought a pool table would resemble this.....this......stainless steel wood chopping table.
Where's the balls?  Where's the pockets? Where's the sticks? I know cue's.  The cue's have their own fancy smancy closet holder near the stainless steel chop block pool table.  I am notsosure I like it.  But then I am simply not used to it I guess. 

Can you picture this 8 x 10 glossy of the girl leaning backwards with her cue behind her back trying to play coolness on this sterile ground?  Nope me either, but then I never liked or enjoyed watching girls/women leaning backwards doing that thingy anyway.  I guess this is the new sleek classy "up and coming" way of the game of pool.  And its really okay.  Because that other Mr. L.E.Phant below on the right is a hog.  Actually a good analogy would be the old honker pool table reminds me of those old bee hive hairdo's.  The new one reminds me of the commercials for Dove or VO5 hair products where the woman's long beautiful hair resembles a peaceful still mirrored lake flowing gently back and forth. 

I guess that means I'm sold. 

Actually I walked into one of my clients newly decorated "basement"  (think we need a new name for that) and there it was....sleek and slender and beautifully placed there.  The floor was a new kind of cork with a beautiful design in the center of the room.  Nothing overtaking for sure.  The other interesting sight was the theatre room.  Oh yeah.  It was nice and became considerably nicer when I caught a view of the invoice for installation and I think the product itself.... Sit down....$7, 658.00 just for the TV and sound and some one to hang it.  Or maybe just the install?

I'm okay.....I have a good used Buick, food in my refrig, clothes on my back, a few dollars put away, a roof over my head, more than one pair of shoes, socks with no holes, (undies too), a laptop, life insurance, I need to do that living will as soon as I am finished here.....and a license plate that says ALSWELL whether it is or not.  I think that's called Faith.  I really don't want that pool table or Entertainment system.  I do want a Lexus 350 rss or whatever that SUV is called.  White please. 
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