Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Postal at the Post Office by Diane Ogden

Yesterday I wrote this blog post and accidentally deleted it.  Swweeeett! Not.   So here I go again.
I went to the Post Office in our large city where as I usually go to a small town P.O. two miles from my home. Should-a Would-a Could-a, too late.   I take my  items into the big one looking for the priority mail envelopes and labels.  I found them.  Only to find there was no pen in sight, at which time I see, no I hear this young man in his late 20's trying to self mail a box.  I guess there is some new self mailing corner at the post office.  Suddenly I hear this horrible loud holler.  Yes a man's holler.  If that were a woman it would have been called a scream.  I looked over at him as did others but no one did or said anything.  I wanted to say, "Whoa dude, chill! You need some help?"  BUT Wisconsin now has a legal concealed weapon law!  Given this guy had the "nards" to holler like that in public told me he was a postal threat in the post office.  And I was in said Post Office.  Not for long honeys....hey I needed a pen anyway so dont call me scaredy cat.   Out the door I fled priority envelopes in hand.  Sometimes I wish I could conceal a weapon just in case of a case like this one.  I am sitting in my car writing out several mail labels when suddenly I hear the same horrible man holler that I heard inside the post office only this time outside and louder.  And there he was...he came out, walked to his car,  hollered very loud and then walked back in and I continued labeling.  And I continued thinking whether I wished to go back inside that P.O. (Pissed Off ) area with that kook.  What do you think happened next?  Out he came again to his car and then back in he went again.  I said to self,  "Okay that would be it, I am going to the safe small town P.O. where they don't holler like animals and if someone did I would hope 911 would be called as it was not in this case.   Hope he doesnt have children because he had one serious syndrome of some sort. What's the good news for today:  There are Meds from China for that fellow. Maybe the blue asphalt they use as filler would do him away or do him some good. 
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