Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Vet is Now a Banker Like my Doctor......by Diane Ogden

Anyone remember when your doctor cared?  When he couldn't be fired for spending more than 15 minutes with you. Before he became an accountant and banker using your health as deposits slips.
Anyone remember when your Vet cared about your animal and let you make payments on its care?
And then America got greedy.
And now Dentists, Doctors, Veterinarians, and so on have gone beyond what is acceptable. 
I took my 6 lb. dog to a vet to have her teeth cleaned.  He spent an hour with me doing a major sales pitch, brought in three sheets of paper full of numbers adding up to $1,300 - $1,600.   Are you stupid I wanted to say.  I did say, "Whoa, I guess we are leaving now."  And that is after $288 worth of blood work.  I found out all she would have needed is a liver and kidney test.  When I told him we were leaving he scrambled and brought back new downgraded lists.  I capped it at $1,000.  He called me and told me he had to remove one tooth also.  But he kept it at a tad over $1,000.  
My neighbor called me and did some checking of her own after my total failure at the Vet search saga.
She found that the average for cleaning is $600 which isn't what it cost for me to get mine cleaned!!!  But then they don't have to put me to sleep for it. 
Okay so I got taken to the cleaners and I wont forget it.  I am going to tell that Vet with the Salesman, Banker license what I found out and how I am going to tell everyone I know not to go to him.  Darn.....that is a lot of money for a single, one income, human American. Me.  Forgot to tell you, the cat needs the same thing.  We wont be going to a Banker for our teeth cleaning this time.
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