Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is This Frog Pond Holler? Or Madison Wisconsin? by Diane Ogden

 Frog Pond Holler is in Kentucky I think.  It's a blog I read if you don't mind a tad of cussin'. (
But this is Madison Wisco and this is a site from one of my clients windows.  I decided long ago that I wanted to take a pic of this moldy mess of a wall, and today I finally did it.  And all the time I was holding the samsung at the "winder" I was a hopin' them there friendly neighbors weren't watchin'  me!  You git it right?  That was Frog Pond Holler language I was trying to relay. 
I mean come on....what is that mess?  If you believe in green and ecology and all natural, GREAT, but mold and raggy isn't shabby chic folks, or even close to green, its mean,  it's nasty!  This is the view from my clients eating table.  Eewww.  
Second pic below is the view from my clients nice sweet back yard.  ME, I would put up a 10 foot fence or whatever is the legal height is inside the city limits.  Or maybe I would shoot 'em.. Okay so that was a bad joke.....
All they are missing are the legally owned chickens.  God forbid even the chickens would have to live there.  Jeez I hope they didn't see me taking pics of their happy homestead!   Come on folks, at least put up a new curtain to hide the nasty junk!
Oh, but wait, look at the wonderful WILD flowers. And the WEEDS!
Sorry, I think some people hide the word LAZY behind Love of NATURE. Ya Think?
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