Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aliens Diane Ogden
Obviously this knitting pattern is not from an alien.  Rather it is all I could find on Google images that resembled what I saw in my dream last night.  The dream seemed fairly normal as dreams go which means it wasn't.  Yet it was until the end.  But then maybe this is how it is going to go in the end for all of us.  Usually I try to find humor to write about but this isn't humorous.  It is real.  At the end of my dream I sent my Granddaughter off with someone....her car had broken and she needed help.  I told her I would meet up with her down the way. (road, heaven, space?)  My dog Daisy was with me. Daisy passed away four years ago by the way.  In the dream I had been a little depressed and a man at a car dealership noticed this fact. He never said he noticed I was depressed, but mentally in the dream I knew that he knew. He started singing to me a funny song while he was working that waws all about me and making me laugh.  We ended up at a little diner having some food. Some strange things happened at the diner that were out of the ordinary. Then he left as he had a girlfriend to meet up with, and the dog and I were alone outside the diner where many others had gathered.  I started to become afraid and wished I had not sent my Granddaughter ahead of me because people said there was an electrical storm coming. What was the big deal I thought, yet somehow deep inside I knew it was something different than the usual storm. There was no lighting. Suddenly a large cloud of light similar to a cotton ball swirled in a circle in the sky and dove toward earth in the distance to my left .  It was as though that particular action opened up an invisible doorway to the universe and that is when I saw the first three HUGE lace blades come into view to the left, in the sky.  They looked like boat oars or more like windmill blades.  Three of them, two upside down and the middle one right side up.  The intricate lace pattern was something not of this world. I guess this dream reminds me of the patterns in the fields people say aliens make, "Crop Circles". Yet there were no round holes, all square. Similar to the photo I found above but much more in detail.  Then slowly more and more patterns started filling the entire sky until some of them formed two ships.  Oh yes, two alien ships similar to the huge round one in the movie "Close Encounters."  I recall saying to someone standing next to me, 'I wish I hadn't sent my Granddaughter ahead of me, I think I am afraid, and all I have is my dog Daisy with me."  (Who is deceased) 
I stood there waiting, thinking where was God in all these lace blades and lace spaceships.  Just standing there in awe of the out of this world vision/view.............................................. and then I woke up. 
I laid there thinking, "What was that?"  Holy Moly, Holy Cow, Holy what?  Any of the words I said seemed so hicksville, uneducated, worthless, compared to what I saw. I saw physics in action. Mathmatical equations in lace patterns. I saw inside the Universe.  And I did see this in my dream and I believe it to be real.  I do wonder why I got to see it!  And this is a truth blog, no fiction.
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