Thursday, September 29, 2011

One of Five Visits Mom.... by Diane Ogden

That would be Cody Ogden.  The cook, the carpenter, the comedian, the cowboy, the camper, the capable, the coolman, the carpet layer, the cardio trainer, the counselor, the clown, the climber, the celebrity, the caretaker, the car fixer, the cleaner, the colossal, the charming, the cheerful, the clever, the cooperative, the cameraman and much more came home this to be best man in his friends wedding next week.  We went out to the "funny farm" and listened to Grandma complain and Grandpa complain.  Picked apples, fed the pony, brushed dog, picked green and yellow beans, and tomatoes!  Came home and Cody cooked up a smashing tamale burrito thingy!  Fried green and yellow beans with tomatoes and chicken breast in a garlic and herb wrap.  And today I made an apple pie.   The good news is ALSWELL as my license plate reads.  Were all upright with no complaints on this end of town.
Maybe something more funny will happen tomorrow. But for now its all good.
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