Monday, September 19, 2011

Messin' With my Porch Again, Fall 2011

Do you see the TINY sign above the sunflower wreath on the window?  That TINY sign says,
"Be Nice or Go Away"
I have a client with a LARGE sign just like my TINY sign.  I was so proud when I found a sign just like theirs on EBay!  I snatched it up faster then a duck on a junebug.  The pride part came in when I saw the price....$.99.   Yes, 99 cents and that is when I pounced, then waited  impatiently watching for it to arrive every day.  It never did.
But one day I rec'd a TINY package with a TINY sign in it that you are seeing in that picture to the right.  No one can pull anything over on me as you can see.  O'well it works.  I would still like to have a larger one for my entrance door.  It certainly says it all, for me anyway.  The good news for today ....I'm still upright! And if your reading this, so are you!
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